December 2019 “Be the Change” recipients

students in group

Congratulations to Bethlehem Central High School’s “Be the Change” recipients for December 2019. Each month, students at the school are nominated by faculty, staff or community members thanks to an act of kindness or for serving as a role model within the school community.

They December Be the Change recipients are: 

  • Jheda’e Jagdath
  • Caroline Mentes
  • Eli Horwitz
  • Uarda Sulo
  • Gillian Roeder
  • Jasmine Facchetti
  • Will Holt
  • Sam Tenenbaum
  • Pam White
  • Richie Myers
  • Rowan (Jaden) Zapatka
  • Alex Cafiero
  • Ava Furgele
  • Holly Vanwie (not pictured)
  • Alex Schalk (not pictured)
  • Jeremy Munn (not pictured)
  • Caleb Gambelunghe (not pictured)
  • Greta Graf (not pictured)
  • Sydney Whitley (not pictured)

Help us recognize as many students as possible who are making positive contributions in the Bethlehem Central community. If you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, student, coach, staff or community member, you can nominate students for acts of kindness or for simply displaying good character. 

Promote an even more positive culture in our community! Submit your online nomination form here.