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Have you ever wondered how the BCSD website is updated, who makes the newsletters that appear at your door, or who you’re talking to on the district’s social media accounts? It is the BCSD Communications Office! Our office is located in the Educational Services Center in Bethlehem Central High School. We work down the hall from the district’s Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent and we are dedicated to making sure the lines of communication between them, the members of our district, and the community are strong. You may also see us occasionally at school events, many times with a camera in hand or a TV news crew in tow. Please say hi to us — we encourage ideas and feedback. You’re a large part of our job, so your feedback can only help us grow and be better at serving you.

Contact us for:

  • Questions about the district (if we don’t know the answer, we’ll direct you to who does!)
  • Coverage on the district’s website or social media accounts
  • Questions or feedback about district publications
  • Media inquiries
  • School news story suggestions

Stay Connected

For a large portion of the day, you leave your kids in the school’s care. The education of the students in our community is a responsibility we don’t take lightly, and something we know doesn’t stop when students leave school. Working together has always been a huge part of our process, so please utilize the following resources to stay connected to our schools!


ParentSquare has replaced School Messenger for emergency communications and district-generated news. In 2023-24, ParentSquare will be used at the building and classroom levels to consolidate school-to-home communications so parents and guardians will be able to find all school-related information in one place. Teachers will eventually use ParentSquare for classroom communications. 

Current employees and parents/guardians of students do not need to do anything to receive important messages. You are automatically connected to ParentSquare. Messages sent by the district will reach you by email, text or automated phone calls. 

Community members who would like to receive messages from the district should register for the school district’s “BCSD News for Community Members.” By joining this group, you will receive district announcements that pertain to the whole community (i.e. community forums and events, voting information, significant news and information); board meeting announcements; messages about snow days; and information about student and staff achievements and awards.

    Social Media

    Our goal for BCSD’s social media is to create a dialogue with our fellow community members, and we cannot do that without hearing from you. We encourage you to join us there and post your comments, questions, and even media to our page. Why? Because what makes our great district run are the people behind it, and also the people we serve. We couldn’t do it without you.

    Your voice matters to us. However, we ask that your posts on the BCSD social media pages follow our rules and guidelines, and that anything we talk about there is district-related. Because our focus has always been students, the social media pages will be closely watched and moderated.

    • Ask questions, but please maintain student privacy.
    • Share media, but be mindful and use good judgment about what you post.
    • If you run a local business, we wish you success, but we will not allow promotion of your business on our social media pages. We are education focused.

    Social Media Channels

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