Grade 5 math update for families

Parents of 5th Grade BC Students,

I hope your child has had a positive start to the new school year. I am writing to inform you about an important change to accelerated mathematics for BC students.

Beginning with your child’s class cohort, in 2023-24, accelerated math will begin in Grade 6 at the middle school. In previous years, accelerated math began in fifth grade with students being identified as eligible for the program while they were in fourth grade. This year, in fifth grade, the focus in the classroom will be on grade-level math, with opportunities for enrichment through Ready Math and Greg Tang Math.

This change will allow more students districtwide to enroll in accelerated math as we anticipate having 162 openings in Math 6X in 2023-24. All opportunities for accelerated math instruction at the middle school and high school remain unchanged and will remain available to accelerated math students, including the opportunity to take Calculus 3 and Linear Algebra through the University at Albany as capstone courses their senior year.

So what is the pathway to accelerated math in Grade 6? Students who demonstrate readiness in fifth grade will be recommended for enrollment in the accelerated course (Math 6X) next year.

Indicators of readiness include a high level of conceptual understanding, procedural skill, and application of mathematics. A willingness to engage in problem-solving, reasoning, communication, and connections, will also be indicators for students who are ready for accelerated math in middle school.

In spring 2023, Grade 5 students will take a math placement test that will be used as one metric for determining eligibility for Math 6X. Other metrics will include iReady proficiency, NYS standardized test results (to the extent they are available) and teacher recommendations.

Participation in accelerated math will remain voluntary. Our goal is that each child is placed in the math course that is most appropriate for their learning needs as they move through their middle school and high school years. If you have any questions regarding accelerated math, please feel free to contact me at (518)439-4921 ext. 2055 or


William Clairmont

K-12 Mathematics Supervisor