Important late/transfer bus changes coming Tuesday, Jan. 16

Middle school and high school students who regularly use the late/transfer buses should expect some changes beginning Tuesday, Jan. 16. These are the buses that transport students home at 3:45 p.m.

The late/transfer buses will continue to run on their regular schedules from the middle school and high school, however, students may need to look for a new late bus slot at the middle school for their trip home. (High school students who use the late buses are shuttled to the middle school where they transfer and use an assigned slot to board their bus home. Middle school students use the same late buses and assigned slots. The slots are assigned by street location.)

An alphabetical list of streets and the new slot assignments can be viewed here [PDF].

NOTE: These changes take effect Tuesday, Jan. 16. The changes to boarding slots ONLY affect 3:45 p.m.  late/transfer buses that leave from the middle school.

There will be additional staff at the middle school to help students locate their new boarding slot. All bus drivers will have the street lists available. Students are encouraged to ask drivers or other staff for assistance to ensure they board the correct bus.

Late bus/transfer changes (beginning 1/16/24)

1 1 (unchanged)
2 4
3 7
4 3
5 2
6 8
7 5
8 6
9 9 (unchanged)
Spare Bus 11