Junior Awards Reception honors 13 BCHS students

group of students holding certificates
From l to r: Michael Mahoney, Sean Ryan, Allison Mastracco, Harlow Kung, Norina Zhang, Katherine Arthur, Fay Hu, Christopher Folio, Eva Ho, Tyler Goldberg, Katherine Qualia, Colin King, Maeve McCarthy.

The Bethlehem High School Junior Awards Reception was held today, Monday, May 22. Thirteen juniors were presented with awards from colleges and universities for their outstanding promise in areas that encompass the district’s goals of academics, character, community and wellness.

Congratulations to these amazing students!

Alfred University Award – Allison Mastracco

Alfred University has always been considered “Outside of Ordinary.” Not only were we one of the first higher education institutions to admit women into programs where they took courses alongside men, but our commitment to inclusivity continues to be part of our mission to this day.

Clarkson Achievement Award – Christopher Folio

This award is presented to a junior who has a proven academic record and strong leadership qualities.

Harvard Book Award – Eva Ho

This award is given yearly by the Harvard Club of Eastern New York to a junior who, in the judgment of the faculty, is outstanding by reason of high scholarship, participation in worthwhile extracurricular activities,
and strength of character.

R.I.T. Art & Design Award.- Katherine Arthur

Student nominees must demonstrate outstanding achievement in art, design, and creativity. Examples include: Superior grades in art and design-related classes, use of creative and innovative thinking in areas such as art, crafts, design, film, animation, or photography, extensive art portfolio or recipient of art awards.

R.I.T. Business & Leadership Award – Fay Hu

Student nominees must have demonstrated an interest and ability in business, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Evidence of an interest and ability in business may include: Superior grades in business and leadership-related classes, completion of a school or community project that demonstrates a high level of developing innovative solutions to problems such as starting their own business, community service, or extensive involvement in leadership activities.

R.I.T. Computing Medal & Scholarship – Michael Mahoney

This award is presented to a high school junior who represents the ideals of excellence in both scholastic achievement and community activities.

R.I.T. Science & Math Award – Harlow Kung

Student nominees must have demonstrated an interest and ability in science and math. Evidence of an interest and ability in science and math may include: Superior grades in science and/or math-related classes, interest in pursuing college-level coursework in science and/or math, or interest in using science and/or math in other areas such as business, engineering, health science, technology, or computing.

R.I.T. Women in STEM Award – Norina Zhang

A student nominee must be an outstanding female, female-identifying, or non-binary student who has demonstrated high·achievement, ability, and interest in science, computing, robotics, and/or math. This may include: Superior grades in science, computing, and math-related classes, interest in pursuing college-level course work in areas such as science, math, computing, engineering,
technology, and health

RPI Medal Award – Norina Zhang

The RP.I. Medal and Scholarship is presented to a junior who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in math and science.

Saint Lawrence Book Award – Maeve McCarthy

The Saint Lawrence University Book Award recognizes a member of the junior class who has consistently demonstrated academic success while distinguishing themselves in their communities by their significant commitment to fostering an inclusive environment.

The Brown Book Award – Tyler Goldberg

The Brown University Book Award is presented to an outstanding junior, at annual school book award presentations across the country. It is awarded to a student who exhibits excellent verbal and communication skills.

The St. Anselm College Book Award – Colin King

The Saint Anselm College Book Award is presented to an outstanding student, presently in their junior year. To be considered for the award, the student must demonstrate academic success and exceptional leadership qualities in the area of civic engagement. The recipient should embody the values inherent in our Benedictine tradition and have aspirations for continued education.

University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Science Award – Maeve McCarthy

The Bausch and Lomb Science Award is presented to a junior for outstanding intellectual achievement and superior intellectual promise in the field of science.

University of Rochester Frederick Douglas/Susan B. Anthony Award – Fay Hu

This award recognizes a Junior who has demonstrated commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, leadership and dedication to community action and who has strong grades and has taken rigorous courses in humanities and social sciences.

University of Rochester The George Eastman Young Leaders Award – Sean Ryan

The George Eastman Leaders Award is given to a junior who has demonstrated strong leadership, high achievement in challenging courses, and extensive extracurricular involvement.

University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology – Katherine Qualia

This award is presented to a junior who has demonstrated a strong interest in innovation and information technology and has proven to be a high achiever.