Staff Opening Day kicks off 2016-17 school year

Before students return to school after Labor Day, Bethlehem faculty and staff gathered at the high school on Wednesday, August 31 to meet their new colleagues, celebrate some career milestones and begin preparing for the arrival of students on Wednesday September 7.Board members congratulate Ken Neff

The day began for all district faculty and staff at the high school with an opening day welcome from Board of Education President Matt Downey and Superintendent of Schools Jody Monroe.

Downey and Monroe were joined at the morning assembly by Board Vice President Lynne Lenhardt and board members Charmaine Wijeyesinghe and Michael Cooper. Together, they welcomed 42 new teachers and staff and paid tribute to longtime employees who are celebrating employment milestones this year. The majority of new hires in the 2016-17 school year will fill vacancies created by retirements and by staff who have left the district.

In addressing new and returning district employees on her first opening day as superintendent, Ms. Monroe set the tone for the new year asking administrators, teachers and support staff to look at each day as an opportunity to make a difference for students. Monroe tapped into lessons learned as a young teacher as she stressed the need to create a positive environment in every corner of the district and reminded faculty and staff that in a school setting patience and flexibility are necessary for students to succeed.

“Not everyone responds to the ‘black and white,'” said Superintendent Monroe. “This is a people business like no other and we need to think in shades of grey. We have to recognize the setting and relationships we create matter more than we often realize; in fact, these can matter more than any content we will ever teach or any grade we will ever assign.”

Read the full text of Superintendent Monroe’s Staff Opening Day comments.

Superintendent Monroe concluded her opening day remarks by introducing a special gift from former colleague and BC alumnus Mike DeAngelis, who retired from his position as a physical education teacher last June. DeAngelis wrote and recorded a song as a surprise tribute to his former colleagues and as a love letter to his alma mater.

The song, with video, is called “I am an Eagle” and can be viewed here.

The staff kick-off also included what Monroe called a collective effort “to bring humor, joy and excitement back into our work and our schools.” Faculty and staff who spent much of the day in meetings and setting up classrooms were treated to a barbecue with food prepared for and served by district administrators.

Teachers will also be back in their classrooms on Tuesday, Sept. 6 preparing for the first day of school on Wednesday.

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Welcome new BC staff members!

  • Bill Clairmont, K-12 Math Supervisor
  • Caitlin Cleary, School Psychologist
  • Kristen Connor, K-12 School Counseling Supervisor
  • Nina Lawrence – Teacher – Eagle
  • Christina Liguori – Teacher – Eagle
  • Julianna Palomba – Teacher – Eagle
  • Leigh Denning – SESS School Psychologist – Eagle/Elsmere
  • Laurel Jones – Elem. RTI & Instructional Technology Administrator
  • Gregory Balcavage –  Teacher – Elsmere
  • Andrea Barcomb – Teacher – Elsmere
  • Lisa Cronlund – Noon Aide – Elsmere
  • Christina Bieg – PE Teacher – BCHS
  • Eric Fana – Industrial Arts Teacher – BCHS
  • Lindsay Knott – SESS Teacher – BCHS
  • Adrienne Ladd – Science Teacher – BCHS
  • Katelyn Leo – Social Studies Teacher – BCHS
  • Jenna Lipiska – SESS Teacher – BCHS
  • Jacqueline Munroe – Hall Principal – BCHS
  • Helen Otero – ESL/ENL Teacher – BCHS
  • Dana Sauer – School Counselor – BCHS
  • Harold Smith – Athletic Trainer – BCHS
  • Stephanie Zanotta – Social Studies Teacher – BCHS
  • Jennifer Giraudin – SESS Teacher – BCHS
  • Caitlin Lentlie – Science Teacher – BCHS
  • Susan Caccavale – World Language Teacher – BCHS/BCMS
  • Lauren Mackay – Health Teacher – BCHS/BCMS
  • Chynna Marcucci – School Counselor – BCMS
  • Nicole Wickham – Math Teacher – BCMS
  • Lea Koutsakis – Teacher – Slingerlands
  • Carrie Hennessey – Aide to Student with Disabilities – Hamagrael
  • Sandra Miller – Noon Aide – Glenmont
  • Stephen Adams – SESS
  • Jessica Nussbaum – SESS
  • Luciano Rizzo – SESS
  • Lea McGrath – SESS
  • Felicia Trianni – Transportation
  • Kimberly Blaisdell – Transportation
  • Robin Thomas – Transportation
  • David Inglis – Transportation


25 Years of Service to BC


  • Grace Bennett – Teacher – Glenmontx25years
  • Scott Carlton – School Counselor – BCHS
  • Joan Ceas – Food Service – Slingerlands
  • Robin Collette – Teacher – Slingerlands
  • Michael Davis – Transportation
  • Michael Fredette – Math Teacher – BCHS
  • Pamela MacMillan – Teacher – Slingerlands
  • Laurie Nolan – Physical Education Teacher – Glenmont
  • Linda Reddy – Teacher – Slingerlands
  • Barbara Riegel – Teacher – Eagle
  • Jody Rosenberger – ELA Teacher – BCMS
  • Sean Simpson – Transportation
  • Cherylann White – Science Teacher – BCMS
  • Kimberly Wise – Math Teacher – BCHS
  • Lisa Wood – Science Teacher – BCMS


30 Years of Service to BC

  • Marcia Bernard – Food Service – BCHSx30yearsJPG
  • Valorie Falco – Teacher – Glenmont
  • Michael Gallagher – Teacher Aide – BCMS
  • Ken Neff – Science Teacher – BCHS
  • Patrick Pisanello – Music Teacher – Elem/MS
  • Jack Rightmyer – ELA Teacher – BCMS/BCHS




35 Years of Service to BC

  • Andy Appleby – Maintenance Mechanic – O & Mx35years
  • Terri Bleichert – Food Service Cook – BCHS

40 Years of Service to BC

  • Joan Deragon – School Monitor – Elsmere Elementary School