Theatre Without a Net (TWON) will perform Sunflowers a new play about the life of artist Vincent Van Gogh

Blue and yellow swirled background with the word SUNFLOWERS in the foreground

TWON is thrilled to announce that Sunflowers, a new play about the life of Vincent Van Gogh, written by Amy Roos, will perform live December 8th – 11th, 2022. Sunflowers tells the story of the last ten years of Van Gogh’s life, from when he first picked up a paintbrush and began his life as an artist, until his untimely death at 37 years old. 

Van Gogh lived a complicated and often heartbreaking existence. He struggled to find work and maintain relationships, he suffered from mental illness, was institutionalized, and was completely reliant on his brother Theo’s financial support. Yet despite his personal challenges, he wanted to be known as someone who loved deeply. He desperately wanted to leave something beautiful to the world. Perhaps then, he would feel his life was worth something. 

This story is for anyone who loves art and wants to better understand the love, passion, and struggle that it takes to create it. 

Auditions will take place in person on Tues. 9/27.

For audition information visit