What’s new in proposed 2024-25 budget

While there is an overall increase in the proposed 2024-25 budget of 6.89%, or $7,346,231, most of these increases involve mandated and contractual obligations. These obligations include the higher costs of employee benefits (up $2,684,503) and an increase in debt service costs (up $3,210,682). 

Changes to the annual budget in staffing and program areas are based on recommendations from instructional and building leaders and department supervisors. For 2024-25, these departmental recommendations included $833,557 in additions to the budget and $1,571,903 in budget reductions. The impact is a net reduction of $738,356 in new spending in these areas in the proposed budget.

The proposed changes include the following:

Classroom Instruction

  • Add 3.0 FTE special education teachers to expand the continuum of services for students
  • Reduce 5.7 FTE teaching positions in math, science and social studies at the high school based on enrollment (reduced through attrition following retirements)
  • Reduce 1.0 FTE world language position at the high school/middle school based on enrollment (reduced through attrition following retirement)
  • Reduce 1.0 FTE elementary teacher based on enrollment (reduced through attrition following retirement)
  • Increase the supply budget for physical education

Student Support Services & Student Opportunities

  • Add funding to meet NYS obligations for providing services to post-grad students with disabilities
  • Reduce costs associated with regular-season athletics ticket sales; there will be no cost to attend future regular-season athletics contests
  • Add professional development funding for Multi-Tier Systems of Support (MTSS)
  • Add new athletics opportunities for girls (flag football and wrestling)
  • Add Bocce to unified sports options for students with and without disabilities¬†
  • Replace aging gymnastics equipment (vault, uneven bars)
  • Add two audiometer machines for hearing screenings by school nurse
  • Increase funds for elementary building school supplies
  • Add student club opportunities at the middle school (running club and computer club)
  • Reduce 5.0 FTE aides to students with disabilities based on students’ needs (these are positions that are currently unfilled)
  • Reduce services provided by Saratoga Center for the Family based on decreasing demand
  • Embed Transition Services/School to Work coordination for high school students with disabilities as a district-based services, eliminating the need for an outside consultant

Technology, Transportation, Facilities & Human Resources

  • Replace sign at front of high school (Delaware Ave. side)
  • Digitalize employee records to improve efficiency, recordkeeping
  • Reduce 1.0 FTE telematics specialist in the transportation department
  • Reduce 1.0 FTE senior systems administrator in the technology department
  • Reduce COVID emergency supplies
  • Install Avigilon door alert system at BCMS (this is a separate capital outlay project; more information about the door alert system can be found here)