Hamagrael – Proposed Walk Zone for 2022-23

In response to a nationwide and local driver shortage, the Bethlehem Central School District is proposing changes to bus transportation eligibility to reduce the number of bus routes, beginning next school year. These changes could impact up to 700 students districtwide beginning in 2022-23. The proposed changes shown on the maps below would need to be approved by a public vote in May before they could be implemented for the new school year.

If approved, the district expects it could eliminate 4-5 bus routes, reducing the number of drivers needed by 4-5 and helping to stabilize student transportation across the district. If the measure is not approved, a similar number of routes would still need to be consolidated, resulting in longer bus rides and more students on each bus.

The district is seeking feedback on these proposals before March 16, when the Board of Education would decide on whether to include a change to transportation eligibility on the ballot in May. You can email your feedback, questions or concerns to districtoffice@bethlehemschools.org. All comments will be shared with district administrators and members of the Board of Education. If you are unable to access the map below, please call the BCSD Communications Office at 518-439-3650.

Hamagrael Elementary: Proposed Walk Zone

    Hamagrael Neighborhood Map

    • If a family’s home is within the large shaded area on this map, the student would not be eligible for district transportation as part of the proposed change. The family would be responsible for getting their child to/from school
    • Only households within the large shaded areas are included in the expanded walk zone. 
    • Share your feedback, questions or concerns via email at districtoffice@bethlehemschools.org

    List of Streets within Proposed Hamagrael Walk Zone

    • Albin Rd – All
    • Betsy Ln – All
    • Brookside Dr – All
    • Candlewood Ln – All
    • Catherine St – All
    • Delmar Byp – All
    • Fairway Ave – All
    • Fernbank Ave – Both sides from Delmar Pl to Elsmere Ave
    • Jordan Blvd – All
    • Keith Rd – All
    • Louise St – All
    • Lyons Ave – Both sides from Louise St to Lyons Ave
    • Marlboro Rd – Both sides from Center Ln to Lyons Ave
    • McGuffey Ln – All
    • Murray Ave – East side of Murray Ave from Catherine St to Delmar Byp. West side is zoned for Eagle Elem.
    • Palmer Ave – Both sides from Winne Rd to Douglas Rd
    • Parkwyn Circle – All
    • Parkwyn Dr – All
    • Pheasant Ln – All
    • Roweland Ave – Both sides from Center Ln to Albin Rd
    • Sylvan Ave – Both sides from Fernbank Ave to Wellington Rd
    • Wedge Rd – All
    • Westchester Dr N – All
    • Westchester Dr S – All
    • Winne Rd – Both sides from Center Ln to McGuffey Ln
    • Wisconsin Ave – All
    • Woodstream Dr – All

    More information regarding proposed changes to transportation eligibility can be found here.