Important: NEW K-12 student survey debuts next week

A reminder and clarification for BC families K-12 about the new PASS student survey:

Clarification on how data will be evaluated and shared: Only aggregate data, not individual data, will be shared with teachers, administrators and counselors in an effort to improve social-emotional teaching and learning. Any individual results from students indicating a need for additional supports at school would be shared directly with the student’s parent/guardian and with the student’s school counselor.

Dear BCSD families:

The Bethlehem Central School District will begin using a brief student survey in the fall and spring to help us better address social and emotional barriers to learning. With a continued commitment to addressing our four goal areas of academics, character, community and wellness, we are asking that all students K-12 complete the Pupil Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey. The purpose of the survey is to provide teachers and counselors with more accurate data about how students are feeling about themselves as learners and how they feel about school.

The online PASS survey will be administered to all students in grades K-12. Students will be participating in the survey the week of October 24th at school. The survey takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

The PASS survey will ask students to reflect on their own skills and experiences in three areas: connectedness, self-efficacy and motivation. Specifically, students will be asked about their: 

  • Feelings about school
  • Perceived learning capability
  • Self-regard as a learner
  • Preparedness for learning
  • Attitudes toward teachers
  • General work ethic
  • Confidence in learning
  • Attitudes toward attendance
  • Responses to classroom curriculum

All of the above are factors that are critical to student success at school. Data from the survey will be used to: (1) provide teachers, administrators and counselors with an increased understanding of individual, classroom, school, and district needs, (2) identify students who might require or benefit from additional interventions or supports, (3) monitor progress and growth over time, (4) inform social-emotional learning programs and the district’s multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), and (5) address equity issues.

At school, PASS data will only be accessible to teachers, administrators, and counselors. Student confidentiality will be protected and results will be maintained in secure files accessible only by these individuals as needed. The survey meets the strict regulations set forth by New York state’s EdLaw 2-d rules regarding student data privacy and security.

If you have additional questions about the PASS survey or if you DO NOT wish for your child to participate in the PASS survey, please email me at by Monday, October 24th at 3 pm. If opting out of the survey, please include the following information in your email to me: student’s first and last name, school, grade and school counselor name.


Kristen Connor, K-12 Counseling Supervisor