Video: Superintendent Q & A on Student Safety

On Tuesday, November 1, Superintendent Jody Monroe hosted a panel of guests to help answer parent questions regarding school safety, student health and wellness, online safety, school climate and more. You can view the presentation below.

Materials from the presentation are also available in PDF format.

If you are unable to access the documents below, please contact the BCSD Communications Office at 518-439-3650.

Presentation materials – Nov. 1 Superintendent Q & A on Student Safety

Recording – Nov. 1 Superintendent Q & A on Student Safety

Thank you to our panelists and guests 

  • Jody Monroe, Superintendent of Schools
  • David Doemel, Jr, BCHS Principal
  • Dr. David Hurst, Deputy Superintendent
  • Dr. Latisha Ellis-Williams, Chief DEI Officer
  • Erin Sheevers, Chief Technology Officer
  • Sgt. Mike Whiteley, Bethlehem Police Department
  • Det. Caitlyn Krage, Bethlehem Police Department
  • Det. Mike Berben, Bethlehem Police Department
  • Kristen Connor, K-12 Counseling and Social Work Supervisor
  • Andrew Baker, Slingerlands Elementary Principal
  • Dr. Mike Klugman, BCMS Principal
  • Chief Gina Cocchiara, Bethlehem Police Department
  • Ryan St. John, School Counselor
  • Carla Young, School Counselor
  • Aerial White, Student Assistance Counselor
  • Katherine Howell, School Social Worker